I’m convinced artists create in order to communicate. Finding within themselves things to say and an inability to say them “naturally”. It’s normal to find ourselves mute. I’ve found silences are built on the nuances of nuisance. As if the bounds of being were pulled and stretched over the miniature space that is acceptability. Socialized by the preference of many and a desire to fit into them. There is difficulty in being female, in being a minority or simply, in being different. This is a constant. Whether you suppress yourself or not the reaction remains the same. Would it not be worth, then, to be hated for who you are rather than what they perceive you to be? At least in this scenario you are consistent. Communicating within your abilities the feelings housed at the fringes. Satisfied by a self expression that is unlike any other. It’s personal. It’s yours and yours alone. This is my space to express the bounds of self. Silences be damned. My only hope is you find communication among all the white noise.

– Elida

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