Hello!  I’m a Mexican-American writer exploring the edges of emotion, the importance of mundanity in representing love and the splitting nature of living multiculturally.

-Elida Silvey

Recently published pieces ‘Soho’ and ‘Tins in the park’ evoke a childlike wonder to experiencing a new environment in adulthood. These pieces elicit that unique rushing feeling of finding yourself youthful in late nights – drunk at the park or in bright London streets and unify with the resounding resolution that youth is found in the heart not on the face.

Published in London based magazine The Horizon Magazine issue No 4; a magazine established with the purpose of bringing diverse works of art and literature for free to its wider community. A self proclaimed “space for the bold, a space for the beautiful, and a space for the unique.”

The poem ‘Memory’ is about the experience of revisiting emotion, pulled into it by your surroundings, only to find that in this reflection you are able to plot the trajectory of a love that has allowed you to realize how very yours it has always been.

Published in Soft Qrtly in their issue NO5. Soft is a “quarterly printed publication on art and culture that creates a space for individuals to express their ideas on softness and vulnerability through creative expression.”

The poem ‘In Dreams’ explores the interweaving visuals of the state of drowsiness, using the rise and fall of awareness as a guide through emotion.

Published in Sunstroke Magazine’s Issue 02: Purple Haze. Sunstroke is “a print GEN Z-ine and arts collective” looking to “reimagine what the future could look like — using creativity to initiate conversation and change.”

A self published series of poems about the limbo that is being a first generation immigrant and the ways it’s represented in what is considered your culture, as experienced following the author’s first visit to her family home in Mexico. It’s a loving portrayal of the ways in which one belongs and the ways one doesn’t depicted via the vibrancy of the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico.

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